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Name:"Laggy" Bryce Lapp
Birthdate:Jun 14, 1983
"She ran from her family to escape a loveless home. Now she runs from the gentry to escape Arcadia..."

NAME: Bryce Lapp

AGE: 36 [Born in 1983. Captured in 2006. Spent what to her was ten years in Arcadia. Escaped in 2009. Has been free for three years now.]

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'6.5"; 128.7lbs.

GENDER: Female


KITH: Runnerswift

APPEARANCE [HUMAN]: The classic runner's build, as befits a woman who spent much of her adolescence and young adulthood free time pursuing a career in competitive running sports. Hair - light brown - grows down to about the bottom of the shoulder blades, but is typically tied up in a pony tail. Eyes are medium brown, though there are times when her mask slips and the eyes become hare-like - wide and fearful, the irises seeming to swallow up the visible portion.

APPEARANCE [MIEN]: Largely the same as her human mask, albeit of a slightly thinner build throughout. Legs are humanoid, fur-covered, and end in digigrade feet shaped like those of a hare's. Hands are small, slightly furred, with short, thick nails, black in colour. Facial features strongly suggest a hare's, and her hare's ears are higher up on the sides than a normal human's ears are. Instead of human eyes, she has the eyes of a hare. Fur colouring is that of a brown hare [Lepus europaeus]; skin is pale.

PERSONALITY: Timid is the first word that comes to mind. Prefering to lie low and escape detection—especially that of the gentry, this is Bryce's approach to life. They can't catch you if they can't see you. When conflict arises, her first impulse is to flee, whether that be physical [removing herself from the scene], or just detatching herself mentally/emotionally if she can't physically run away; only choosing to "fight" when left with no option, and that more to extract herself from anything uncomfortable. Even though she is timid [she spent time as a hare after all] she is friendly enough, though quiet and soft-spoken [again, to avoid detection from both mortal and fae], and kindly, especially to those newly-escaped. After all, they're as scared as she still is, and need all the support they can get. Bryce is extremely afraid of dogs—especially sighthounds or large breeds and birds of prey.

HISTORY [PRE-CAPTURE]: Does not remember much of her time before Arcadia, other than that her home seemed emotionally empty, with her parents showing little love for each other or their children. Because of this she took up running in the hopes that she could either give her parents a reason to love her, or, failing that, that she could out-run the emptiness within. Her dedication to running earned her many accolades—and the attention of the Swiftkeeper, who was always on the look-out for new prey to stock his kingdom with. It was not long before attention turned to capture and she was wisked away into Arcadia, well beyond the Hedge.

HISTORY [DURANCE]: Once in the Swiftkeeper's territory Bryce was transformed into a hare and set loose with the intention that she breed well and often, that her offspring would inherit their mother's speed and give the Swiftkeeper plenty of game to chase. Occasionally the Swiftkeeper would hunt Bryce, if only to keep her instincts sharp from regular use. She was never truly harmed—after all she was valuable property to the Swiftkeeper, but regular pursuit by hawk and hound instilled a deep phobia towards raptors and canines alike.

One day, when the Swiftkeeper sent his hounds after Bryce, she stumbled upon the Hedge, and, thinking as a hare, dove into it to avoid capture. Believing that one of his prize hares was now lost to the creatures that roamed the Hedge, he thought no more of her and resumed chase of her children, who had now grown into worthy prey in their own right. But she was still alive, though not out of danger. The beasts of the Hedge were her new pursuers, and they didn't have anyone to stop them from killing their quarry. Only a lucky turn kept her from being killed, and as she made her way further into the Hedge, a familiar sound of shoes on pavement drew the hare forward, feeling curiosity towards something she'd heard before but couldn't recall where from.

It was this memory that helped Bryce remember her home and herself, and the more she followed it the more the Swiftkeeper's changes to her body were undone and the more her human mind resurfaced. Eventually she would make her way through, to find out that she had spent ten years in Arcadia when only three had passed in the real world.

KEEPER[S]: The Swiftkeeper. His territory is filled with all manner of fast animals and birds - many of them humans who were turned into animals for him to hunt or hunt with.

CURRENT: Currently lives in Brantford in a large house in the St Paul Avenue area, which is owned by the current leader of the city's Winter Court. Still pursues running, but now as a hobby and not competitively so as to avoid detection of the gentry in general and the Swiftkeeper in particular. Sometimes mentors new lost, but prefers solitary pursuits over group activities.

FREEHOLD: Beltand [Brantford] Freehold

COURT: Winter

օ Can speak to and understand animals, though it's easier to understand lagomorph species.
օ Has extended senses—sight [night vision], scent and hearing are much better than humans'.
օ Is also much faster than a normal human, but tends to not run at full speed—doing so she fears will attract the gentry in general and the Swiftkeeper in particular.
օ Has a scent that's equal parts "rabbity", hay, and wildflowers.
օ Can see past glamour—able to tell if someone is "fae".
օ Anyone who can see past fae glamour will be able to see her true form.
օ Vegetarian, mostly. Will on rare occasions eat fowl, and definitely loves eggs—eating these she sees as revenge against the Swiftkeeper.
օ When nervous will clutch her hands into paws and hold them against her chest while turning her head this way and that, hare-ears perked.
օ "Laggy" is short for "lagomorph", but Bryce is not about to correct someone too quickly if they think it means she's slow.


Who should be able to see the mien [are not affected by the glamour]: animals, gods, supernaturals, some magic wielders, other Changelings, fae, etc.

Who should not be able to see the mien [will be affected by the glamour]: mortals, mundanes, robotic/"artificial" life-forms [the mien can't show up "on camera"], beings with human-like sapience, etc.

Changeling glamour, to those it is meant to disguise the Changeling from/those who are not meant to be affected by but still are, is a complete illusion. It cannot be detected by any form of sensory perception. Bryce's fur can't be seen or felt, and her walking gait only looks "odd". The only thing that should be picked up is her scent, gait, and general animal magnetism/presence [there will be no immediate clues to why this should be]. This does not apply to those who are unaffected by the glamour.

For some individuals, it's possible that the glamour's effects might be "incomplete", and both mask and mien will appear at the same time, as if one is looking at a double exposure. If so then it's safe to assume that all of Bryce's Changeling features can be detected [IE fur can be felt] as if the glamour didn't affect the individual at all.

It is possible for Bryce to drop the mask completely, by burning up the energy used in maintaining the glamour. At such time anyone can see the true form for what it is. After which it usually takes about a week to rebuild the glamour to its former state. Bryce generally will not do this, however, due to how long it takes to return to a glamoured state, as well as the danger presented by mundane people.


Name: Brume
Gender: male
Pre-durance form: Thompson's gazelle.
Post durance form: Belgian hare.

Like his human Brume has a mask and mien. Beneath the glamour Brume shows Hedge damage, giving him a half-starved look, with lacklustre fur that appears plucked in places. Also has elements of his pre-durance form - specifically gazelle horns, phantom markings and legs that end in hooves.

Note that daemons, being animals, should be able to see the true forms of Changeling and daemon. Brume's true form is visible to any beings unaffected by glamour.

Bryce Lapp is © to J. M. Waugh. Changeling: the Lost is © White Wolf Publishing. No copyright infringement is intended; this is just for fun.

Note: Bryce is from a World of Darkness-themed world—she doesn't have a "proper" character sheet since I do not feel one is necessary.

Mun and muse are 18+
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